Damasco Filmes is an audiovisual production company experienced in storytelling. It is so impassioned that its own birth happened after a very special one: in 2010, the director Marcus Baldini and the executive producer Marcelo Monteiro founded the company to attend the production and direction of the feature film “Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl”. In 2012, with the arrival of executive producer Renato Mimica, it grew into a one-stop company, partaking in projects from creation to finalization, building narratives in a creative and original style. Assembling a variety of platforms, participative and interactives, Damasco Filmes invests in a young and skilled staff, ready to meet the clients’ needs with agility, expertise and originality.



Majored in Radio and Television in the School of Communication and Arts of the University of São Paulo (ECA-USP), he started his career in MTV Brazil commercials department. On later experiences as a director, he was awarded in the world’s main advertising competitions, from cities such as London and New York. He conceptualized and directed the film “Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl” (2011), a box-office hit in Brazil. Recently, he directed the series “PSI”, broadcasted by HBO Brazil, and the feature film “Men Are from Mars... And That's Where I'm Going!”


Executive producer, was the programming executive of TerraTV (Portal Terra) and co-founding partner at Primo Filmes. In his years commanding TerraTV, he was the responsible for live streaming of big events such as the Olympics, World Cups, Planeta Terra Festival and Carnivals. He has also produced TV series: “No Estranho Planeta dos Seres Audiovisuais” – Canal Futura, “Trago Comigo” – TV Cultura, and “Temporada de Moda Capricho”, “Morando Sozinho” and “Na Fama e Na Lama” – Multishow. Furthermore, he produced the short films “Cotidiano” by Joana Mariani, “Coda” by Marcos Camargo, “O Nome do Gato” by Pedro Cout


Executive and managing producer, majored in Business Administration and specialized in Corporate Finance. His career pathway includes being director of investment banks in São Paulo and New York, in addition to the executive production of TV series. Renato was always fond of the audiovisual universe, especially by contents able to promote interactivity between consumers and brands through differentiated platforms.


Damasco Filmes has a highly dedicated team of directors, screenwriters and producers, capable of executing a great variety of cinematography projects. It counts with a team specialized on conceptualizing and fundraising to the viability of projects through Ancine and ProAc.

We are passionate about all kinds of stories and our services comprise also the production of TV series (fiction, documentaries, reality, variety) and advertising for brands in the whole country. Storytelling is in our DNA.

We produce special transmedia projects, converging multiple digital platforms. The majority of the projects conducted by Damasco are assisted by our knowledgeable digital team so to increase the interactivity from the videos and executed projects, growing in visualization and targeting a larger audience of consume

Our team specialized in communication and content is always up to date with the latest mechanism and marketing strategies, enabling our projects to gain relevance and visibility through social networks, communities, press and trendsetters.