Bruna Surfistinha conta a história da jovem Raquel (Deborah Secco), filha de classe média paulistana que um dia sai de casa e toma uma decisão surpreendente: virar garota de programa. Em pouco tempo, Raquel se transforma em Bruna Surfistinha e passa a ser uma celebridade nacional, contando sua rotina em um blog na internet.
Raquel is a girl, adopted by an upper-middle-class family, who rebelled at 17 and left her family and studies at a traditional college in São Paulo to become a prostitute, and later call girl. Shortly after starting work, she decided to write a blog about her experiences. Since some clients thought she looked like a surfer she adopted the name "Surfistinha", which means "little surfer girl". This blog became a sensation, and quickly became one of the most popular blogs in Brazil. Becoming famous, her life changed significantly. She went on to be interviewed on Brazilian talk shows similar to Oprah and David Letterman, all the while continuing her blog about her racy exploits.